SeKara LLC (pronounced suh-CARE-uh) was established in 2003 by Jeff and Mary Burgoyne. Its mission is to create a safe environment where an individual is encouraged to reach their potential through caring and supportive staff with positive experiences.

SeKara LLC offers two uniquely different programs that can be customized to meet the needs of each prospective client and serves the following groups of individuals:

Developmentally, Mentally and/or Physically Disabled
Illness Recovery
Conditional Release
Respite for Primary Caregivers

Why choose SeKara LLC?

Offering a trained staff that will understand your rights, serve your needs, and support the independence you or your loved ones has earned
All services remain confidential
All SeKara LLC staff are fully insured and bonded

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Our growing agency is reaching out to the community where you reside.  We offer services to those in need of various types of support.  For yourself, a family member or state-agency service support, our qualified and experienced staff are ready to help!